Sanctuary Jillian Buffet

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370.00 LBS

Product Description Sumptuous Elegant Luxury is a lifestyle category today and at Hooker we create LUXE looks with today's astute consumer in mind. Epoque, Bardot, Avalon, and Bling are all luxurious collections with an opulent point of view..... and several of our luxury collections have become a gold standard, in particular the Bling bed is a popular style statement today.

Collection Features Pursue serenity at home. Create your own personal sanctuary, a special place where you can experience comfort within.


Width 78"

Depth 20"

Height 38"

Weight 279.4 lb

Volume 41.44 cu ft

Carton Width 24

Carton Height 36.5

Carton Weight 323.4 lb

Carton Length 81.75"